EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

The European Aviation Safety Agency defines uniform quality standards for European companies in the aerospace industries. EASA regulations are based on the Joint Aviation Requirements (JAR) and the regulations are definitive for maintenance organisations and their employee training. In Germany they are implemented by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation.

EASA PART 145 (Maintenance Organisation Approval) MOA.

This certificate states that the Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH fulfils all the requirements of a maintenance company and is therefore permitted to carry out maintenance work on aircraft components. ACM is also authorised to issue a release certificate after working on aircraft and aviation components. Certificates are issued by certifying staff, according to requirements by EASA.

EASA PART 21G (Production Company Approval) POA.

With this certificate, Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH confirms that it fulfills all requirements according to the European Aviation Safety Agency as a manufacturing company and is authorised to manufacture aerospace products. ACM has a quality system that ensures the production of aerospace products under aviation-specific conditions.

EASA PART 21J (Design Organisation Approval) DOA.

This certificate authorises Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH to develop, modify or repair aeronautical products, parts and gear. ACM must follow EASA’s strict guidelines regarding the manufacture of aviation products. As a developer and design organisation, ACM GmbH is authorised to issue certificates of release.