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Engineered for the Sky. Made in Germany.

Since our beginnings in the 1960’s our main strategy in ACM has been to offer the highest quality, precision and innovation. Together with our highly motivated team we are not only working with great passion on the products of our customers but we also find answers to the questions of tomorrow too, day by day. Therefore, it is not surprising that our motto is: “Engineered for the Sky – Made in Germany”


Top 5 Reasons.

Why you should choose us?

1. Quality

Quality is one of our top primary goals. We guarantee the highest standard of quality.

2. Certification

A wide range of EASA certifications, such as 21J DOA, 21G POA and 145 MOA.

3. Support

We offer you a single source support from design to manufacturing and certification.

4. Flexibility

Flexibility is our key target for success. We offer our products for a wide range of aircrafts.

5. Efficiency

Cost efficiency and esthetic design at the same time powered by German Engineering.