ACM revolutionises in-flight seat belts

Memmingen / Hamburg, 10th April 2018 – ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH presents a global innovation at Aircraft Interiors EXPO in Hamburg: “Smart Belt” is the name of the proprietary seat belt, setting new standards in passenger aviation with its ingenious sensor technology. It allows the crew to use an app to check whether passengers have fastened their belts. This not only increases safety, but also saves time.

The current selection of seat belts for aircrafts is extremely limited. The reason for this is simple: At the moment, there is only one provider on the entire market. ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH, which specialises in the entire cabin interior, is now changing this situation and launching its “Smart Belt” right on time for the Aircraft Interiors EXPO in Hamburg (10 to 12 April 2018). This global innovation is certainly a revolutionary innovation in this market segment.

Speeding up checks
The time crew members spend walking up and down the aisles before take-off and landing and in the case of turbulence to check whether passengers have fastened their seat belts will be revolutionised with the “Smart Belt”. Thanks to special belt sensors, this information will soon be presented to the crew via an app — at any time and interference-free. For example, if the passenger on seat 12C has not yet fastened his seat belt, crew members can directly request him to comply with safety regulations. Particularly in the case of suddenly occurring turbulence, this option increases safety not only for passengers, but also for crew members. Despite all the technology integrated into the Smart Belt, it does not weight more than standard seat belts used today.

No more compensation claims
Hence, the “Smart Belt”, a proprietary and patented product by ACM, ensures that the seat belt checks can be performed more rapidly and safely. But the new belt system has another advantage. If a passenger is injured during turbulence, it is a straightforward affair to prove whether his seat belt was fastened or not. In the case of possible compensation claims, this fact can prove to be a significant advantage. Roger Hohl, Managing Director of ACM is convinced: “We are certain that this product will make a significant contribution and provide added value to worldwide safety in aviation. In turn, this will have a direct influence on the reduction of incidents and injured persons due to passengers with incorrectly fastened seat belts — at all stages of a flight!”

Initiative to counter the skills shortage in aviation

Memmingen, 2nd November 2017 – Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH (ACM) is cooperating with Allgäu GmbH and taking a new approach in order to draw attention to the skills shortage in the aviation industry. ACM participated in the first Allgäu Job Challenge in which job hopper Annabelle tried out the role of aviation engineer at ACM.

The skills shortage is also omnipresent throughout the aviation industry as well as within associated supplier companies, such as ACM in Memmingen. Positions for aerospace engineers, for instance, continue to be difficult to fill. It is particularly difficult to find such profiles outside of large aviation centres.

ACM is therefore taking a new approach with Allgäu GmbH and participating in the first ever Allgäu Job Challenge, whereby job hopper Annabelle is trying out the profession of aerospace engineer at ACM’s facility. The job hopper was accompanied by radio and television crews at the work site.

Job hopper Annabelle
Annabelle is working for ACM for a few days and is familiarising herself with the products right in the very halls where they are created. She is going through a trainee programme at a variety of workstations, leaning how important and exact the high-quality processing of materials in aviation is. Not only does the low weight of the components play a part in aviation, fire resistance and stress limits of 9 or 16 G are basic components for the certification of the manufactured parts.

Production hall tour
It is impressed on Annabelle that components are manufactured for aeroplane cabins as well as helicopter cabins. Wall coverings, carpets, curtains and seat covers are only a few of the items in the product catalogue. What really stands out, however, is that ACM is the only non-manufacturer of seatbelts in Europe that can refurbish them. This is referred to as ‘seatbelt rewebbing’ in industry speak. “For airlines, it is much less expensive to have us refurbish seatbelts and flight crew restraint belt systems rather than buy new ones!” adds ACM Managing Director Roger Hohl.

Office work with the CAD programme
Part of an aerospace engineer’s job includes office work on a computer. Annabelle’s challenge is to create a carpet for an Airbus in the CAD programme.  It is a difficult challenge, but one she is able to master with the help of an experienced ACM employee.

The site in Memmingen
“It is not a disadvantage that the production site for an international aviation supplier is in Memmingen!” states Roger Hohl, Managing Director of ACM, adding: “We are, however, constantly confronted with this question, and it’s true that the search takes longer here in the country than it would in a big city.” But the advantages for both the employees and the employer are clear. On the one hand, there is good transport infrastructure here with the nearby motorway interchange and the airport. Employees also enjoy the work-life balance and the supposedly lower cost of living compared to a big city. “We are very proud to be able to say Made in Allgäu / Germany, Engineered for the Sky!” concludes the Managing Director Roger Hohl.

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Dornier goes with ACM for the first time to build its cockpit and cabin

27th June 2017 – Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH (ACM) is developing and constructing the cockpit and cabin for Dornier’s new flagship, the Seastar CD2 amphibious aircraft. This order marks a new milestone in the history of ACM. The company, which up to now specialised only in cabin interiors, is for the first time developing both the cockpit and the cabin for a new aircraft.

Dornier Seawings is presenting the latest generation of amphibious aircraft – the Seastar CD2 – which sets new standards in the areas of speed, range, safety, cabin size and low maintenance costs. Some well-known figures have also placed pre-orders for the new two-engine aircraft that can be used anywhere thanks to its ability to land on both land and water.

The highest quality cockpit and cabin
“Being able to develop and build the cockpit as well as the cabin for an aircraft prototype like the new Seastar is something very special for ACM”, says ACM managing director Roger Hohl enthusiastically. “For the first time in the history of our company, we are responsible for more than providing a comfortable and exclusive cabin interior, we are also providing the cockpit.” It will be fitted out with the latest ‘state of the art’ future-proof fittings.

On-site mobile workshop
The Seastar is currently in the prototype stage. The engineers from ACM and Dornier are therefore working together to develop a mock-up for the roll-out. This mock-up is like a 1:1 scale model of the cockpit and the cabin. ACM is carrying out this work with their mobile workshop unit at Dornier’s site at the special Oberpfaffenhofen airport. “The work we are putting into everything from development, design, and choice of materials, through to effective construction, is an exciting challenge as we are presented with questions such as where is the best place to attach a ship’s anchor to the aircraft”, explains Roger Hohl. The multi-national team is pursuing the goal of ensuring that the new version of the Seastar will make Dornier the leading provider in the aero-marine sector. The two-engine aircraft offers space for up to twelve people and has a maximum speed of 300 km/h with a range of 1,600 km.

Prestigious client base
ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH, based in Memmingen, specialises in all aspects of cabin interiors. Here, German ingenuity is combined with an appreciation of quality and practicality. ACM creates a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing design that conforms to all air travel regulations. Thanks to their many years of experience along with internal quality management and safety teams, ACM has small aircraft producers as well as the world’s biggest airlines among its customers. The company has 120 staff working at its site in Memmingen as well as access to various international sites in the corporate group such as Dubai, Toulouse, St. Nazaire and Bangalore. The new cockpit and cabin order from Dornier is seeing ACM expand its range of offers into an additional attractive business area.

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ACM Exhibits EBACE 2017

This year, EBACE took place between 22nd May and 24th May 2017. The ‚European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition’ mobilizes experts from all over the world and brings them together in Geneva, Switzerland.

In three days across 36.000 square meters, 500 exhibitors and 13.000 aviation experts assembled to, among other things, look at 60 state-of-the-art business aircraft.Amongst professional exchange, shows, additional exhibitions and workshops were offered and contributed to the fact that EBACE once again turned out as an entertaining highlight of the year.

ACM prepared in detail and was excited to present the current range of products to an international audience. Amongst the products ACM exhibited were: composite parts, seat covers, belts and DOA-services. Each of the components raised a lot of interest.

Especially conversations with important clients contributed to ACMs success on EBACE. RUAG and Pilatus as much as many operators and MRO organizations were amongst those partners ACM had promising and good talks with. A side-stage was provided by Pilatus‘ new PC 24, which was presented with seats from ACM. A sincere ‚thank you‘ goes to the fairteam, which completely took responsibility, from the concept to the final building of the stand. By installing elaborate composite-elements they did not only impress the managing directors but also the fair visitors which came across our way. As a highlight, the stand-seat was not only outstanding because of the height of the backrest – the extravagance of the cover could barely be missed.

The managing directors and the team of ACM would like to thank everyone who visited the stand and stayed for interesting discussions. ACM is already looking forward to next year. 2018 EBACE will take place from 29th May till 31st May.

Clients or visitors who didn’t get a chance to talk to us this year as well as everyone else with questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact the ACM-team under

ACM Exhibits at AIX & AERO 2017

ACMs participation in both exhibitions was again a huge success. This year the customers and visitors were particularly interested in the topic Composite parts.

AIX 2017
The annual exhibition provides a B2B- platform for more than 500 companies which are able to exchange information on an expert level. By now, ACM is a firmed component of AIX and every year the team is looking forward to presenting the latest products. From the production of seat covers up to a complete overhaul of a cabin- the meetings with different clients and visitors include a variety of ACM products. „Besides all the other products the clients and visitors were highly interested to see what projects ACM is involved regardig Composite Parts“, says the Head of Design Mariana Dauenhauer.

The participation in the fair has been a huge success again. ACM’s shuttle service for clients has been greeted with enthusiastic response. Furthermore, the exhibition stand which has been created and built by the own ACM team had a great feedback. On top of that the meetings with new and existing clients, including Lufthansa Technik, Recaro und EFW, have been promising. Next year AIX takes place from the 10th until the 12th of April 2018. The team is looking forward to welcome everyone who is interested in high-quality aircraft interior and to present their innovative products. The internationally fair for general aviation opens its doors the 25th time. Europe’s biggest fair for general aviation is a setting of newest innovations, a platform for professional exchange between companies and entertains with great shows.

AERO 2017
Also in the AERO fair the feedback on ACMs product portfolio was great. Besides the other products- visitors and clients were particularly interested in getting information about Composite Parts. Also Seat Covers, Belts and ACMs DOA Services were the focus of many meetings.

In general the participation in the AERO fair has been a huge success. On the one hand ACM met important clients such as Daher, AirPlus oder BREEZER AIRCRAFT. On the other hand, the company took the opportunity to arrange an exciting trip for all its employees to experience the fair. With this great experience, the team is looking forward to next year. The exhibition will take place on the 26th until the 29th of April 2018.

Clients and visitors who were not able to visit the fairs this year and are interested to get more information about ACM or their product portfolio can get in touch with the team:

Private jet with luxurious interior by ACM

3rd of February 2017 – ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH renews the entire cabin interior of a private jet owned by a businessman from the Middle East. The airplane type Bombardier Challenger 604 has been completely overhauled in six weeks with a total number of six ACM staff and offers comfort at the highest level.

The luxury private jet has been stationed in Oberpfaffenhofen Germany at RUAG over the past few weeks as part of extensive maintenance work. At the same time the complete interior was renewed. ACM – Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH based in Memmingen Germany carried out the fabulous work. The company specialises in the development, production and overhaul of entire cabin interiors. A total of six ACM professionals were in action for six weeks to satisfy the customer’s demands from the Middle East. ACM offered an incomparable all around service – from prototyping to development, sampling, production to installation.

High- quality materials
In order to comply with the strict maintenance schedule for the Bombardier Challenger 604, the cabin parts were demounted in Oberpfaffenhofen and transferred to Memmingen where the ACM staff overhauled it. Afterwards the cabin parts were reinstalled on the RUAG site again. For the new cabin equipment, ACM strictly used high quality materials made of high-quality leather, artificial leather and upholstery fabrics. New covers and seat cushions made of ultralight foams ensure the best possible seat comfort in the private jet. However, cabin components such as wall linings also contribute to the overall design. “Thanks to many years of experience and our excellent team, we can easily implement individual demands of our customers,” says the new ACM Managing Director Roger Hohl.

Established client base
ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH headquartered in Memmingen is the expert when it comes to  cabin interior. German engineering is combined with a great sense of quality and practicality. ACM creates both- cost-effective and aesthetic design that meet all the requirements of aviation. Thanks to many years of experience, excellent quality management and security teams both- the small aircraft manufacturers as well as the world’s largest airlines belong to ACM’s customer base. The company’s total number of staff is currently 120. Additionally, ACM has several international locations through the holding group in Dubai, Toulouse, St. Nazaire and Bangalore.

Roger Hohl – ACM’s new Managing Director

1st February 2017 – ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH appoints a new Managing Director from the 1st of February 2017. Roger Hohl, a highly experienced former Managing Director of the local airline InterSky and former member of the ACM Management board for the commercial sector, is the ideal person for this position. The 32-year-old Swiss will continue to lead the successful international aviation supplier ACM together with Managing Partner Arash Noshari.

Always a preference for the aviation industry
Roger Hohl originally comes from Zurich and currently lives in Eastern Switzerland. After graduating in logistics with the subject area Supply Chain Solutions, Roger Hohl initially worked for a logistic service provider at the Zurich Airport before changing to the Austrian airline InterSky. After undergoing various intermediary stations in the commercial, strategic as well as operational areas within the airline, he also successfully filled the positions as a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Roger Hohl was then named the world’s youngest Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an airline. He has been working as a member of the management board for ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH for over one year since and continues his impressive career as the Managing Director.

ACM successfully relies on local worker

15. December 2016 – Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH looks back at a pleasing fiscal year 2016. In the last twelve months the company has not only doubled its turnover, but also created 60 new jobs. Since the majority of the employees and the large suppliers are from the region, ACM strengthens the Swabian economy with its high local value.

The international company ACM is specialised in the development, production and overhaul of the entire cabin interior. The company, headquartered in Memmingen, is strongly positioned in the region and has contributed to the stabilisation of the business location in the current year. Nevertheless, the company also operates internationally. Through the parent company BPOut GmbH in Hamburg, ACM has branches in England, France, the United Arab Emirates and India.

Social Responsibility
The positive growth in 2016 is reflected by the turnover increase compared to the previous year, from 5 to 10 million euros and the additional employment of 60 highly skilled people. At the same time, ACM makes both social responsibility and integration a high priority, just recently having employed another four trained refugees from Afghanistan.

Successful new business fields
ACM creates a cost-effective as well as aesthetic design in the cabin design area, which fulfills all the requirements in aviation. Thanks to many years of experience, internal quality management and the security teams, both small aircraft manufacturers and the world’s largest airlines belong to ACM’s customer base. New business segments such as the overhaul of aircraft seats are also gaining importance. In spite of this development, ACM is consciously focusing on the local region. Most of the major suppliers as well as 90 percent of the employees come from the Allgäu region or surrounding areas.

Merkel’s helicopter – now more comfortable thanks to ACM

1. December 2016 – ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH is looking forward to a very special order. Thanks to many years of experience, the Federal Ministry instructed ACM with the task of completely modifying the interior of chancellor Angela Merkel’s helicopter and making it more comfortable. The helicopter will also still be used for the transport of troops.

Special visit to Memmingen: Even though Angela Merkel herself did not visit the Allgäu Airport, the chancellor’s helicopter landed in Memmingen. ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH received the unusual task of completely overhauling the cabin of the federal police’s VIP helicopter. New carpets, breathable covers and optimised foams for more seat comfort, as well as opaque curtains will allow the helicopter to shine again.

For VIP guests and troop transports
In the meantime the ACM staff measured the chancellor’s helicopter on the ground in Memmingen. Now the sampling inspection of the 21 carpets, twelve curtains and elegant seat covers followed. ACM is also responsible for the production and the specific certificates that are required for aviation. Only the actual installation of the new interiors is the task of the federal police itself.

The Airbus Helicopters ‘SuperPuma’ helicopter is to be used in two configurations at a later date. The specially designed VIP components are intended for chancellor Angela Merkel as well as other government officials. In order to continue transporting troops, ACM subsequently produces new seat covers made of leather, which can be changed quickly if necessary.

Renowned customer base
ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH headquartered in Memmingen specialises in the development, production and overhaul of the entire cabin interiors of aircrafts and helicopters. Here, German engineering is combined with a sense of quality and practicality. ACM creates cost-effective and aesthetic designs that meet all the requirements of the aviation industry. Thanks to many years of experience, internal quality management and security teams, small aircraft manufacturers and the world’s largest airlines belong to ACM’s customer base.

ACM succesfully hires trained refugees

7. October 2016 – Trained professionals from Afghanistan and other countries are successfully employed at Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH, a company that specialises in Interior Design in aviation. Companies like ACM are always looking for skilled workers. The German language skills of the candidates differ, but their training, reliability and high-quality work are great. In addition, ACM offers German lessons for more successful integration and better communication between the colleagues.

Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH is based in Memmingen and they are looking for experienced sewers, upholsterers or interior designers, which is a real challenge in this area of Germany.

The newspaper Allgäuer Zeitung also drew attention to ACM and has published an article on the successful integration of ACM employee Javid Abbassi. Mr Abbasi has worked for a leather factory in Afghanistan and has been sewing high quality seat covers, headrests and wall coverings for different airlines worldwide in the past six months. The young and ambitious man has become a valued colleague and employee at ACM.

ACM speaks of a classic win-win situation and animates other employers and companies to try this concept.
“We can only report positive experiences and statistics. The prejudice that refugees have not received adequate training in their home countries is a false conclusion,” says ACM’s Head of HR Sahar Bernhardt-Nouhi, who will continue to recruit refugees.